The Grand Room at Industrial Eats is a quality-centered private dining experience tucked away in a beautifully re-designed room on Industrial Way in Buellton, California.

It’s tattooed with produce and grocery graffiti on its exterior wall and boasts a craft butcher counter filled with house made treats and extensive indulgences. Two wood fired ovens churn out thousands of seasonal dishes every year, all sourced from sustainable farms and food pioneers. The restaurant is filled with knick knacks and books lining the walls – collected from years of odd hobbies and cultivated impulse buying – and rows of communal tables full of patrons chatting and eyeing their neighbor’s meals.

The owners, Jeff and Janet Olsson, along with their expert crew, value bringing people together through a shared feasting environment by serving respectfully honest great food.




Open by Appointment

181 Industrial Way, D

(805) 688-8807

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